ANPR Webinar - 10th August @ 3.30pm

One for your diary if you have yet to register:

I set out below the registration invitation for the webinar we are hosting on Monday 10th August 2020 and which will now start at 3.30pm (rather than 3pm as originally billed). If you wish to attend, please update your diary with the information below:

When: Aug 10, 2020 03:30 PM London

Topic: GDPR and ANPR


I expect the webinar to cover a number of threads:

  1. The evidence obtained, which may be as embarrassing for some defendants as the Autofocus fraud they turned a blind eye to ten years ago;

  2. The route by which the data is obtained and marketed by certain defendant entities who I will identify;

  3. The purported ‘defence’ to the use of such personal data advanced by insurers;

  4. The number of incidents where the allegations are entirely misplaced, the claimant having done nothing wrong at all, which appears to destroy the insurer defence;

  5. The particular offences relating to the use of personal data in contravention of the Data Protection Act 2018 (including the incorporated GDPR provisions);

  6. Practically, I will outline a no-cost route that CHOs might want to take to protect against future challenges;

  7. I will also suggest a potential approach with regard to resisting the current challenge, informed by a view from counsel, and

  8. Suggest how CHOs might want to co-ordinate an effective response.

My investigation has involved a significant amount of time and energy, but I think it has been worthwhile. This is an issue causing many CHOs and claimant solicitors some serious concern at the moment and I have evidence of an emerging pattern where certain insurers plan to use the strategy to open settled claims from as long ago as 2018. Consequently, I believe that the webinar will be worth an hour of your time.


As before, for those that supported the webinar on impecuniosity, you will need to register in advance for the webinar and it will be delivered through Zoom.  When you register, could you please use your business email address. If you have a Zoom account using your personal email, could you still register on that account but email me as well and let me know who you are so that I can ensure the audience remains claimant based. Everyone that wishes to view the webinar will need to register in advance.

Those of you that are subscribing members of The Credit Hire Forum may register and view the webinar without charge, and that extends to as many employees in each member organisation as wish to view the session. For those that are not members, you really should join BUT, even if you don’t, you can still register although you will incur a fee of £100 plus VAT for every organisation that wishes to view the session. For clarity, that equates to just one charge of £120 per orgainsation, irrespective of the number of delegates.

In either circumstances, you must register in advance for the webinar by going to the link below:

If you are new to Zoom, you may find that, whilst you are registering, their software will take you off to create an account. After you have done that, you do then need to return to the registration screen to register. The Zoom software is a bit counter intuitive and many people think that having created an account during the registration process that the registration is complete when it isn’t. If anyone experiences any issues or does not receive a follow up link to access the webinar after registering, please email me. Everyone who registers should receive a confirmation email containing the link you will need to use to join the webinar on Monday.

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