Appointment of Lord and Lady Justices of Appeal

The Queen has today approved the appointment of 8 Lord Justices of Appeal, one of whom is Mr Justice Edis.

Andrew Edis QC was the cornerstone of a lot of the work we did on credit hire at AX (especially as a result of the Autofocus fraud). He was appointed a High Court Judge in 2014 and has been a presiding Judge for the South Eastern Circuit since 2018.

I wrote to congratulate him when he was appointed to the High Court. He sent an email back, which I still have, and in which he replied:

"You are my favourite client.  I only really have one other, the Queen, and she struggles to compete.  The great thing was that I always felt we were fighting together as a team, which is a great stress buster.  Her Majesty never turned up once."

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