AX Group's Lucy Woods appointed chair of CHO

Lucy Woods, chief executive of AX Group, has been appointed chairwoman of the Credit Hire Organisation (the CHO). Peter Gomez, currently head of business at the trade body, has been appointed chief executive.

Following the announcement, and seemingly never one to miss a chance to comment and demonstrate his gift for irony, Christopher Clapp of Keoghs commented that it was:

an interesting time for The CHO and I am hopeful that this appointment, and an appointment of a senior level board, will help develop a more collaborative approach to the handling of Credit Hire claims, taking into consideration both claimant and defendant perspectives."

According to the statement from the CHO, Woods will chair the newly-created CHO board, which is in charge of setting strategy for the organisation and working to improve member benefits. The board is composed of senior figures from across the credit hire industry.

The CHO was formed in 2010, following the merger of the Accident Management Association (AMA) and the National Association of Credit Hire Organisations (NACHO). “The board thank Kirsty for her service to the industry and look forward to building on her legacy,” Woods said. “The credit hire sector provides an invaluable service to consumers needing mobility after a road traffic accident and, as we prepare for the future of the industry and the challenges it faces over coming years, I want the board to play an active and constructive role in identifying strategies that strengthen the industry and its professionalism.”

Woods said that she seeks to address the low awareness and understanding of the credit hire industry among the public, media, and politicians.

“In its investigation into credit hire that concluded in 2014, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) found that credit hire added around £3.50 to the overall cost of a motor policy,” she said.

“For that £3.50, consumers involved in an accident can access an equivalent vehicle while their own is off the road. It means mums and dads can take their kids to school, or get to work, or do their shopping. It is a worthwhile price to pay for being able to lead a normal life in difficult circumstances, and our members are proud of their role in delivering this vital service.”

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