CAPS Claim Activity Update

With thanks to Chris Ashworth and Kevern Thompson at CAPS for providing an update of the change in weekly claim activity, below is a summary of last week's key data.

The key takeaway this week is the activity levels were broadly flat on the previous week. The chart below demonstrates the trend.

CAPs highlight that this is the second time in four weeks that an increase in activity has been followed by a plateau and suggest that limited resource capability may have been a driver. Of course, it might also have been the impact of the Bank Holiday week and the reality that many parents who are sending children back to school this week decided to spend the week in the garden, park or beach.

The analysis over two weeks is helpful in terms of the regional activity (growth or decline):

The re-opening of dealer groups and their natural determination to start to drive activity levels as well as the impact of Dominic Cummings on the behaviour of people as they interpret the lockdown guidance in their own interest will be interesting to observe in the next week or two.

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