Credit Hire Information Hub

Keoghs have today announced the creation of their Credit Hire Information Hub at

Apparently, you can now access all of their Credit Hire team’s recent podcasts in one place. It’s predominantly the usual propoganda, but it may be worth bookmarking for future reference. The first three podcasts published are:

7th July 2020 – Keogh’s partners, Gary Herring, Chris Clapp, Fraser McAndry discussing COVID-19 Behaviours and Impact: “An Update, what we are seeing in payment packs presented that might cause friction between the CHO market and insurers, analysis on CHO's attitudes to negotiations.”

21st July 2020 - Gary Herring, Chris Clapp, Fraser McAndry (Keoghs), Steven Pollard (SurveyorShip) discussing “how the BHR dataset has shifted during COVID-19 (specifically looking at rates and availability), Bunting v Zurich case and how this impact on rate arguments, analysis on how we think the future may look for BHR issues and the impact of COVID-19.”

28th July 2020 - Gary Herring, Chris Clapp, Fraser McAndry (Keoghs), David Cresswell (ABP Club) talking about “the impact of COVID-19 on Credit Repair market, inflation in the repair market an other issues, increased labour rates, the future of the Credit Repair market.” 

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