Defendant failure post Diriye v Bojaj

Andrew Hogan of King's Chambers has posted a brief report on LinkedIn regarding the outcome of a claim heard in the County Court in Leicester.

I expect that fuller details will follow but, in short, he reports that the judge threw out the Defendant's debarral arguments. and granted relief to the Claimant who was debarred from relying on impecuniousity, due to failure to plead a Reply in compliance with paragraph 48 of Diriye v Bojaj and to provide financial documents.

He reports that the court went on to find that the Claimant was impecunious, knocked 5 days off the 77 day hire period and that the Claimant beats his own part 36 offer.

Andrew reported that the case of Diriye v Bojaj is having a real impact in credit hire litigation and that it has necessitated the need for Claimants to focus on applications for relief from sanctions in many cases . I will post more when it is available.

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