Gaslighting and Credit Hire claims

Most of us are gaslit (or gaslighted, never sure) on a daily basis by the current government. They have recognised that by repeating the same inane phrases through the media that their message is embedded in the collective psyche and their fantasy view of the world becomes truth.

Think about "Brexit means Brexit" or the "Oven Ready Deal" that turned out to be nothing of the kind, or any one of countless other catch phrases where the government avoids scrutiny by simplifying an excuse which, as a function of repetition, becomes reality to most citizens.

In an interesting take on this point, Jonathan McKeown of JMK Solicitors in Northern Ireland has identified that gaslighting is now becoming a recurrent defendant ploy. He has written an article which is worth ten minutes of your time and is available here:

It focuses specifically on Mitigation of Loss arguments in the Northern Irish courts but some of the principles apply just as much in England and Wales.

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