Hastings Direct and Interflora

One of our members has forwarded to me details of the latest intervention strategy from Hastings Insurance.

In a claim where C was represented by lawyers, Hastings Direct approached the client directly by sending a bunch of flowers and an accompanying card, an image of which appears below:

For those that cannot make out the text, the message reads:

“We wanted to send you some flowers to say sorry you were involved in an incident with one of our customers.

We’d like to help by arranging to have your vehicle repaired, and providing you with a hire car. Of course this comes at no cost to you.

Give us a call on 0800 1381899. We’re open from 8am-8pm.


Hastings Direct.

For information on how we use your details visit www.hastingsdirect.com/legal/privacy-notice.shtml

I did call the number they provided and got a series of recorded messages before eventually speaking to a human.

This is clearly quite a cute marketing ploy. I have always maintained that whoever persuades the customer that they can take the weight off their shoulder following an accident will win the day. I’m just not sure whether sending me a bunch of flowers would do the trick although my wife says it probably would for her.

From a regulatory perspective I think Hastings can say they comply with GDPR because they are protecting the interests of their policyholder and seeking to deal with the need of the victim. However, there is no reference to the common laws rights of the consumer or the contractual arrangements they would be expected to enter into with any third party. Nor is there any consideration for the concerns expressed in Copley albeit that the threatening message from KGM has been replaced by a bunch of flowers sent to a legally represented client.

Perhaps this is just one to watch out for in the short term until we hear back from the ICO in respect of the ANPR complaint …

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