The Credit Hire Forum is guided by the principle that not only are we are all in this together, but we are far stronger when we are united. Whilst there will always be challenges, and sometimes those challenges can seem insurmountable, there is always an answer to the difficult question and a solution to almost every problem.

We all know how tough the world of Credit Hire and how tough it can be to get support when you need it most. It is for those reasons, and following several suggestions from a number of our members, that we have today added a new resource to the Credit Hire Forum website. It is not something we expect to be used regularly but we thought it was important to point out that we have the expertise, access to the network of professional contacts and the skill, energy and ability to help if it is needed.

Whether it is managing a hostile media, providing competent advice on disputed claims, delivering the capacity to litigate where process is an issue, assisting with the prosecution of difficult cases, collaborating on appeals or providing access to funding if it were needed, the Forum, through its membership, has the capacity and the ability to help with people who are on your side.  Whether you are a CHO or claimant law firm, if there is an issue that you would like to discuss in confidence, check out the LifeLine.

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