RTA's are source of 33% of serious injuries

New research has found that nearly a third of serious injuries in the UK in the last five years have been caused by traffic accidents.

The research into 1,000 adults across the UK, conducted by Fletchers Serious Injury Solicitors, revealed that 32% of those who have suffered a serious injury within this timeframe, such as broken bones and spinal injuries, sustained the injury via a traffic accident.

Younger drivers are noticeably more likely to be involved in a road traffic accident than their older counterparts. On average, road traffic accidents accounted to 55.8% of serious injuries in those aged 18-34, compared with 16.6% of those aged 45 and above, making younger drivers more than three times as likely to be a victim.

Men were also revealed to be more at risk than women, with over a third of affected men (35.7%) having suffered a serious injury in a traffic accident, compared with 24.7% of women.

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