Update on claim activity

CAPS has reported that both unique claims and supply chain transmissions are now higher than they were across the CAPS platform in the first week of November 2020.

Unique claims rose nine per cent last week and are now 101% of what they were before the second lockdown, while supply chain transmissions increased by five per cent to reach 107% of November 2020 figures.

More importantly, measured against pre-pandemic volumes for the week ending 14 February 2020, unique claims are at 66% while supply chain transmissions are at 100%. Claim volumes are still, therefore, depressed as the government's route map unfolds but at least the trend remains positive.

Some of the factors contributing to these increases are reported by CAPS to be claims reported during the recent Bank Holiday now being exchanged, increased levels of peak time traffic, and regions of the UK easing out of lockdown at different rates.

To clarify the terms used, a Unique Claim is a claim that is initiated and exchanged for the first time within the CAPS System. and a Supply Chain Transmission is the Unique Claim plus any additional transmission on the same exchanged claim, e.g. notification to a parts Vendor.

Charts revealing the changes appear below. The first is the more recent trend measured between November 2020 and April 2021.

The second is the more longterm picture since before the Lockdown was initiated in March 2020.

The third is the regional analysis.

The full report is available here.

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