Updated Bodyshop Activity Report

The latest collision repair industry report from CAPS – covering unique claims and supply chain transmissions for the month of October (see below) – shows claims have increased by just 1%, following a 28% rise in September.

For the same period, supply chain transmissions (covering parts, mobility and systems) decreased 5%, following a 21% increase the previous month.

The new figures are 74% for unique claims (compared to 73% in September) and 70% for supply chain transmissions (compared to 75% previously), and are measured against January’s pre-lockdown level of exchanges across the CAPS Consortium platform.

Also, in response to the government announcement about the new national lockdown, CAPS will revert to releasing a weekly report rather than monthly for the time being.

Kevern Thompson, CAPS commercial manager, said: “As we move into November and the second lockdown scenario … we will provide a weekly analysis [on Tuesdays] including regional variance for the duration. This will enable us to capture activity Monday to Saturday each week.”

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