Webinar - 8th September

I sent a note out last week about a forthcoming webinar that we are hosting at 2pm on Wednesday 8th September for the benefit of our subscriber firms.

I was conscious that many members were taking a week of additional holiday in the first week of September, the week before the kids returned to school, and so I delayed sending out details of the event until today, 6th September 2021.

Unlike previous webinar sessions, this content will not be available to non-subscribing parties.

Appeals and Insurer Strategy

After 40 years in credit hire, I have always maintained a view that whilst I may be wrong, I wasn’t confused about what was going on in the industry.

In the past few weeks, I have been made aware that there are several appeals currently in train. Two of those appeals are currently likely to be heard at the Court of Appeal (although one of them is receiving some attention as I type) and two others are likely to be listed in the High Court.

It appears that there are a couple of challenges currently being orchestrated by defendant firms and that some of them may be part of a wider campaign being marketed to insurers. Add to this some of the obscure comments recently made in the Keoghs podcast, the one about the second part of the whiplash reforms, and I suspect there may be something afoot.

With the permission of those involved, I am, therefore, hosting a webinar for subscribers to bring you up to speed on the various challenges and the way the arguments are being deployed (and by who).

On that point I also have a theory about why Keoghs are keen to advance the arguments they have in their recent podcast, arguments that suggest they want to reduce the incidence of litigation, something that would put them out of business if they didn’t have an alternate strategy.

Like I say, I may be wrong but I do not think I am confused about what I think the medium term intentions are.


To attend the seminar, you must register first.

Assuming that your firm is a subscriber to the Forum, and to join the webinar, you must register in advance in order to receive the login details. Those login details will be personalised to you.

To register please use the following link:


After registration, you will receive a confirmation email which will include the instructions and the hyperlink for joining the session at 2pm on Wednesday 8thSeptember. I look forward to seeing you then. If you have any problems or queries, please contact sae@credithire.org.uk

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