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Update to Credit Hire Forum Website

The website at has been updated with two additional features.

The Library, which already contained over 260 authorities and judgements peculiar to credit hire, now has a separate section with over 150 decisions that relate to liability disputes; everything from collisions involving pedestrians to those involving U-turns and most things in between. The section has been added for the convenience of claim handlers and the number of cases will be increased by a further 100 or so during the next 24 hours.

The Feedback Loop has also been added. This is still currently in test and its value will grow based on the intelligence fed from you to us. It currently allows you to search for current intelligence from Insurers, Defendant Solicitors or Others (like the CHO, GTA or Validus, for example) and review any intelligence received by us. We expect the content to grow during the course of the week and appreciate the input from those of you who are providing it. We have always been clear that the purpose of the Forum is to strengthen the claimant’s community’s ability to react to what may appear to be isolated challenges from a single insurer or defendant law firm or a rogue decision or obscure direction for a District Judge. Highlighting those challenges early allows the industry the best chance to react in a controlled and effective manner.

Access to these features requires membership of the Forum but subscribers may still continue to access the Blog and Resources section.

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