Whiplash reforms programme update

Official Injury Claim autumn update from the MIB

Pre-launch consumer testing

"We’re pleased to announce that a third phase of consumer testing for Official Injury Claim will take place ahead of its launch in April 2021. This next phase will take place in the New Year as soon as the build is complete and updated to reflect any changes needed after the final Pre-Action Protocol and Rules are confirmed.

The testing will focus on those who might struggle to use the service, and will cover both the online and offline process. MIB is currently commissioning independent research consultants with recognised expertise in this area and will publish the results.

Official Injury Claim nears completion

Over the summer, MIB has worked with the Ministry of Justice to ensure the build delivers against policy. The service is now 85% complete. In total the build has involved over 20,000 hours of development time and 30 sprints.

A key development in July was the launch of Third Party Administrators (TPAs) registration. 336 organisations have now registered - including TPAs. If you have yet to register you can do so by visiting our website, where quick reference guides are also available to help you get started.

Application Programme Interfaces (APIs) continue to be updated to keep aligned with web functionality and MIB is sharing any updated specifications with integration contacts. If you still need to do so, you can share your integration contact here.

Preparing for launch

MIB and the Ministry of Justice are currently working together on details of the pre-launch and launch timetable. This includes communications plans for updating stakeholders in the run-up to April 2021.

Planning for our next round of industry events is currently under review with consideration of the Covid-19 pandemic. These are likely to be delivered as webinars, and we will update you once these plans have been agreed."

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