We are an association of professionals and others engaged in the credit hire industry. We share the same aspirations and our members are working to protect and serve the interests of those members engaged in credit hire litigation. We offer a range of opportunities to engage. We believe in the need for open, full and informed communication and engagement to influence the reform agenda being pursued by those representing the insurance industry. We share a desire to see a transparent and proportionate claims environment where the interests of honest claimants are both protected and served. Please read on to find out more about what we do.

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The Forum brings together the lead solicitors keen to influence the shape of credit hire litigation in the best interest of those credit hire companies forced to litigate in order to recover their outstanding debt. 

By building a shared understanding of the big picture and then engaging with the complexity of daily interactions and experiences, the Forum allows fellow professionals to engage both physically and virtually to craft and implement proactive solutions to the plethora of issues raised before and during credit hire litigation.

Whether it is interacting with credit hire companies to support more efficient pre-litigation behaviour, working with experts on rate, quantum or period, or instructing the right barrister with the right brief, the Forum adopts a holistic approach to achiving the optimal outcome from litigation.


The Forum embraces the skills and expertise represented by scores of barristers engaged in litigating credit hire claims and provides a listing of those counsel for the benefit of all members. 

Whilst recognising their advocacy skills, the Forum looks to harness their daily experience to identify legal or procedural challenges before they become established obstacles to the recovery of hire charges.

In addition, the Forum will identify how to strengthen the support provided to counsel by engaging with CHO's to educate and inform them of any evidential deficiencies that hinder counsel from arguing raising arguments at trial. By working with counsel in this way, the aim is to help those engaged in credit hire litigation successfully resolve disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Whilst the GTA and other bilateral protocol arrangements are a far more effective means of resolving credit hire claims, many CHO's do not subscribe to the GTA and, even if they do, still have a challenge associated with claims that fail to resolve.

By working with those solicitors and barristers regularly engaged in litigating credit hire disputes, and by engaging with those providing evidential support either in terms of rate, period or quantum, the Forum has the legal knowledge, skills, and experience to advise credit hire companies on when and how to litigate when the GTA fails to deliver.

In addition, the Forum offers access to a wide range of professional services to help CHO's  resolve outstanding claims. Whether it is access to the right professionals, regular bulletins about evolving trends or existing challenges, access to online training materials or, for smaller CHO's, advice about when litigation may or may not be appropriate, membership of the Forum is the first step towards the better resolution of litigated claims.


The Forum offers an effective mechanism for engaging with solicitors, barristers and others involved in litigating credit hire claims where the services you offer might be the difference between success and failure in resolving a credit hire claim. 

Whether you supply evidence on basic hire rate or rebut the evidence of others, routinely provide evidence of the pre-accident value or condition of a damaged vehicle in support of a claim for diminution or to underpin a repair invoice, or offer accident investigation, accident reconstruction, or the provision of outsourced witness statements, you are a fundamental part of the big picture associated with the complexity of pursuing credit hire claims.

If you fall into either of these categories, we invite you to join the Forum as an Associate.

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