Crash for Cash hotspots

Never sure whether it is just clickbait but the BBC and other report this morning that an estimated 170,000 car insurance claims in 15 months are suspected to have been linked to "crash for cash" gangs.

The Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB) said that parts of Birmingham were the centre of these cases and insurers said the fraud cost meant premiums increased for all motorists.

They said there were 2.7 million motor insurance claims across the UK from October 2019 to the end of last year, of which 170,000 could be linked to suspected crash for cash networks. (The operative word appears to be 'COULD').

That said, the IFB said that it hoped that by pinpointing crash for cash hotspots, people would be encouraged to be vigilant as more drivers start to take to the roads. Those locations are listed below:

1. B25 Tyseley, Birmingham 2. B34 Shard End, Birmingham

3. B8 Saltley, Birmingham

4. BD7 Bradford

5. BD3 Bradford

6. WS1 Walsall

7. BB9 Blackburn

8. BD8 Bradford

9. B27 Acocks Green, Birmingham

10. RM18 Romford

11. B33 Lea Hall, Birmingham

12. WF13 Wakefield

13. BD15 Bradford

14. OL8 Oldham

15. HX1 Halifax

16. M8 Manchester

17. LS8 Leeds

18. N9 North London

19. WF16 Wakefield

20. LU3 Luton

21. WS2 Walsall

22. BD2 Bradford

23. BD5 Bradford

24. B11 Small Heath, Birmingham

25. HP12 High Wycombe

26. B28 Shirley, Solihull

27. RM8 Romford

28. LU4 Luton

29. IG3 Ilford

30. BD9 Bradford

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