Kirsty McKno steps down...

Kirsty McKno, the chair of the Credit Hire Organisation (the CHO) has stepped down.

As part of the CHO’s ongoing modernising process, Kirsty has overseen launch of a new CHO Constitution, the core of which is the creation of a strategic board, comprising senior executives from member companies, to oversee the future direction of travel for the CHO.

The Strategic board will take over on 5 November and comprises:

James Allenby of Novo Insurance Management

Chris Ashworth of Enterprise Rent a Car

Shaun Cunningham of Chief Vehicle Rentals

Jodi Daubney of Magna Accident Services

David Hayward of Hertz Accident Support

Paul Taylor of Kindertons Accident Management

Steve Turner of EasiDrive

Martin Wills of Vision Vehicle Solutions, and

Lucy Woods of AX.

The CHO strategic board will consider how the trade association will be set up and organised and plans to update the market in due course.

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